Research topic and questions


My research topic is:

“The treatment of the poor and disadvantaged in Cleobury Mortimer and surrounding parishes: 1770-1900”.

In conducting this research, I hope to be able to answer a number of questions and will be looking at:

  • The Select Vestry (to 1834) and The Guardians (from 1834)
  • The administration of the Poor Law prior to the implementation of the 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act
  • Changes in the system with the implementation of the New Poor Law and the establishment of the Cleobury Mortimer Poor Law Union:
  • Tightening of attitudes
  • Attitudes towards unmarried mothers
  • Childhood apprenticeships
  • Settlement
  • The parish poor house and the workhouse
  • Governors and overseers

More detail is on the research topic page


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