Just what I need – more data!

old leather book

I am still wading through records that i collected two years ago.  Still this was a very happy find.

All the surviving parish records for the parishes in the Cleobury Mortimer Union, bar one, are in the Shropshire Archives at Shrewsbury.  I wanted to photograph them so I could see details of those people buried locally in the nineteenth century, but who had died in the workhouse.

I was given the key to the vestry safe by one of the churchwardens, so I could wander up to the church one day with all my gear, but then remembered that I would of course need a key to the church itself.  I caught the other churchwarden just as she was going off on holiday and when handing me the huge key for the church door, she pointed out the smaller key for the other safe in the sanctuary.  I said I would not need that one, as the safe only contained the communion plate, but she said she was certain there was a ‘book in there’.

I did not think it could be anything particularly useful, but decided to have a look and found a hitherto unknown leather bound set of overseers accounts covering thirty years at the turn of the 18C-19C.

What a find – and this was after finding the later accounts two years ago.  Miraculous perhaps – but I live in hope that next time I shall find a CD of ready transcribed records!

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