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Crime and punishment in south Shropshire, 1786-1898

This paper was presented at the biennial conference of the journal, Midland History, at the University of Birmingham on 7 November 2015.  The paper is a by-product of research into the lived experience

Just what I need – more data!

I am still wading through records that i collected two years ago.  Still this was a very happy find. All the surviving parish records for the parishes in the Cleobury Mortimer Union, bar

Asklepios or Nemesis?

In the ancient churchyard of St Mary the Virgin, Cleobury Mortimer stands a single memorial: all the others were removed in 1959.  A monument to a ‘venerable man’, as he was styled

Wha’ daur meddle wi’ me?

This has nothing to do with my research – though it came about whilst searching through prison calendars for evidence that women were imprisoned for having illegitimate children. As I was scanning page

PGR Poster Conference 2015

A whole year has gone by since the last PGR poster conference and I am not sure how much I have to show.  These conferences only work if postgraduate research students are

PGR Poster Conference

Yesterday was the annual University of Birmingham PGR Poster Conference. Although only in my first year and with no research conclusions yet, I thought I would enter with a poster showing some

Defining terms

Though coming up with a research question and writing a proposal was hard work, I was pleased with the result. Now I can get on with research, having identified thousands of pages

Silk in the workhouse

In Victorian workhouses, inmates were often given work related to the domestic task of running the workhouse and feeding (and perhaps clothing) the inmates.  Where there were more inmates than could be

Freespeaking – say what you know

Writing is not an activity that comes naturally to anyone.  Unlike speaking, we need to be taught to write – and then need tools in order to be able to carry out

Freewriting – use it to unblock, or to argue with yourself

Freewriting is advocated by many people, and by many universities, as a way of overcoming the dreaded writer’s block.  Some go so far as suggesting that it is a good way to