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Time to start writing

I am only a few weeks into this research project and with five and three-quarter years to go, I feel as if I am already several weeks behind.  Time to start writing.

My first supervision

I was both looking forward to this and slightly apprehensive – experienced supervisor meets very inexperienced PhD student. There is a lot to be said for having met your supervisor before you

Who can say nice things about me?

The application process is automated and very simple.  A word to anyone using similar systems with radio buttons to choose options: moving your hand across a touchpad is very likely to change

Remember Robert the Bruce

As a child at school in Scotland, we were taught Scottish history: up until James VI became king of both Scotland and England.  I vividly remember the life of the Bruce and

So – that would be a ‘no’, then?

I had thought about ‘doing’ a PhD for many years – and seriously for the last four or so years after taking an MA in Philosophy.  My MA was completed with the