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A useful way of documenting arguments

By now, most students will have used mind maps, though are able to use software rather than lug around A3 pads of pre-printed paper and packs of coloured pens. I am an

Need input. Malfunction.

Those of you familiar with Number Five in the film, Short Circuit, will know that what he said was “Malfunction.  Need input.” before proceeding to read at high speed. High speed reading


Whilst trying to put together a list of original sources, it became clear that although the records for Cleobury Mortimer parish itself are pretty impressive – and the records for the Poor Law Union

How best to plan and use my time?

I was going to write a short note about “a particular way of doing something using special knowledge or skill”, which has a passing connection to the Italian word for the fruit of

Back on campus!

Induction day – the sun is shining, campus is crowded and everyone is smiling, apart from, that is, those who are lost.  They look a bit puzzled. It’s a great feeling when

System is thinking

The application system worked very well and was easy to use, as long as you kept your wits about you.  However, the smooth process stopped once the offer was made unconditional. My

Writing a proposal

I was quite certain about the topic I wanted to research, but had no idea how to go about writing a proposal.  I read a lot on how to write a research

Decision made

A fascinating paper by the HEFCE showed that the majority of PhD students starting their PhDs were over the age of 28.  I am definitely over the age of 28.  A later